When it comes to badass RC cars, we’ve seen more than our fair share of them. From gas to electric, on-road to monster trucks, large to small, we’ve seen them all and generally speaking, we love them!

This thing could very well be the baddest little ride we’ve seen to date. With an engine made by combining two engines that are pretty big by themselves, YouTuber Alx engine has created this torquey beast that looks and sounds like it will absolutely destroy anything in its path.

Even with a safe, rich tune up dialed in the carb, this thing idles like a pissed off chainsaw, and when the trigger is pulled on the transmitter, the revs are as crisp and peppy. It takes little more than a blip of the throttle for the RPM’s to climb enough to engage the clutch and send the front wheels of the car climbing into the sky.

Thankfully there’s a wheelie bar out back to keep things from getting too far out of hand, and the tires have just enough slip to let the chassis slide sideways when the driver gets a little too aggressive with the turning, allowing it to slide across the asphalt instead of the tires grabbing and sending the car tumbling across it.

We aren’t sure what the intended use for this monster is, but it seems like it has enough power to do whatever what owner wants with it, from on-road racing to jumping dunes in the sand. We would love to find out more about what’s planned for this thing, and we would love to see more footage of it in action, once the driver has gotten the hang of all that torque. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way some of these things do and end up shattered in pieces.