What would you do if an 80-year-old codger walked up to you in the pits and started talking about riding. Would you walk away? Would you humor him? would you be gracious and kind? Here is your chance to find out by watching Grandpa Earl talk to some stars and then go out and ride with them.

Dean Wilson is making the most of his current privateer status. The popular and talented racer has always connected with audiences through his social media channels, but lately, he’s expanded his reach by creating a YouTube channel that shows his lighthearted side and skill on the bike.

Wilson’s most recent video might be one of the biggest productions yet and it shows just how into videos he can be. With the help of a movie-quality makeup artist, the mid-20s Wilson turned himself into an 80-year-old man named Earl and rolled out to Fox Raceway in an attempt to mess with others at the track. Just press play.