Launching off a jump and flying through the air is probably one of the most intoxicating aspects to riding a dirt bike but also the hardest to learn.

It’s not for the faint of heart but for those who can master it, taking those jumps is what keeps them coming back for more.

There really is no tried-and-true method to the action of riding a dirt bike off a jump but as with any stunt, trick or maneuver a little bit of instruction goes a long way. If you’re just starting out riding a dirt bike, come back later after you’re completely comfortable on the bike and have some experience. What else you should know is practicing first on a bicycle doesn’t cut it. A dirt bike produces so much more power you can’t bridge the two.

Like anything worth mastering, small steps and practice are the means to the end. Don’t expect to double a triple anytime soon and don’t throw caution to the wind. You want to ride another day. Take it slow, one jump at a time. Depending on your proclivities, it could take you months just to get two wheels off the ground, and years to muster the courage necessary to really fly.

Top 5 Jumping Mistakes on a Dirt Bike – Most Common Problems & Solutions!!

It’s time to improve your dirt bike jumping game!! The Mx Factory aims to help make you safer and faster in the air by showing you 5 very common jumping mistakes. We also give you the solution so you can practice and get better at this amazing sport.

We address these 5 issues in this video:

  1. Improper Throttle Delivery
  2. Improper Balance Position
  3. Sitting or Standing at the Wrong Time
  4. Improper Landing
  5. Not Knowing the Jump Face