The evolution of sport is changing right across the board. It doesn’t just happen in motocross but every sport out there. Motocross bikes have come so far in a short amount of time. The bikes are so amazing nowadays that it has helped lesser riders get better faster.

It happened before 2002, but this is the year we really got to see the “Bubba Scrub.” James Stewart is a magician on a motorcycle. I think most would agree that the “scrub” started in the Jeremy McGrath era as he was the first rider to transfer his BMX skill to moto.

James Stewart brought it to another level when he made the jump to the pro class. It was not just about clearing the double or triple anymore. It was how low you could stay and cut through the air. It’s really quite amazing to see.

Since Stewart brought the “Bubba Scrub” more main stream it’s now become part of every racers approach to racing. Some have made it work while others have had it go totally wrong.

“The shortest distance between two points is still a straight line”

That’s the simple theory behind the Bubba Scrub. The Bubba Scrub is a technique in which the rider throws the bike sideways over the face of a jump, essentially crashing it, and then pulling it back up before he hits the landing. It’s been perfected by — and aptly named after — my favorite Supercross racer, James “Bubba” Stewart.

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The Bubba Scrub may look like showing off or like it belongs in a Nitro Circus performance more than a Supercross race, but what Stewart is doing here is actually a really big deal. The longer a rider spends in the air during a jump, the more he is decelerating.

The Bubba Scrub allows Stewart to straighten the line between the beginning and end of a jumpby staying lower to the ground. He’s able to get his tires back on the dirt and putting down power sooner.

He explains the move in this video.