Watch Action Figures 2 Travis Pastrana free streaming. In the lead up to his new film, Action Figures 2, which is being released today (you can pick it up on Sony Crackle) Pastrana put some insane clips on his Instagram.

“Double Back Flip 360. Double Quark 1080. Ausi Roll.. call it what you will. I call it hard as sh*t and 10 years in the making,” he wrote in part.

Action Figures 2,  is the sequel to Travis Pastrana’s hit action-sports movie, Action Figures. The Nitro Circus founder and 17-time X Games medalist does it again with a film he directed and produced alongside his best friends, and in association with Nitro Circus.

Travis leaves nothing on the table for this sequel and pushes boundaries even further for this action-packed film. The cast are real-life action figures and have all contributed to filming and editing their sections of the film. Action Figures 2 is a fun-fueled, high-octane, wild ride of a film. It’s both a throwback to old-school action sports videos and a bold step forward in filmmaking and extreme human performance.

Action Figures 2 embodies Travis’ drive to push the limits on the impossible and allows his friends to make their dream stunts a reality. This is one crazy ride with Travis at the wheel as his friends achieve multiple worlds’ firsts along the way.

These real-life action figures will send it bigger, farther and faster than ever before to conquer the impossible and ignite action sports entertainment.

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If that doesn’t convince you, check out the trailer: