Every single dating niche out there has its benefits. If you decide to date a cowboy, for example, you’ll learn a lot about the life in the countryside. If by any chance you want to date an artist, you will be driven by his passion and talent.

However, if you want an exciting and adventurous relationship, then you should definitely hook up with a Dirt bike / Trail rider. These fellas lead a rather interesting lifestyle that might provide you with many memorable moments. Of course, the adventurous spirit is not the only thing that defines these men.

He Can Probably Fix Stuff. Dirt bike riders tend to be independent, self-reliant, and at least somewhat mechanically inclined, so if you want a guy who is going to be handy around the house, a motorcycle rider is a pretty safe bet. If he rides dirt bikes, he definitely knows a thing or two about turning wrenches, and if he rides an old British BSA or Norton, he can probably fix damn near anything.

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Check out the top 14 reasons why you should definitely consider dating a Dirt bike rider:

  1. They have stong fingers
  2. They always know when to slow down and speed up
  3. They have tremendous stamina and endurance
  4. They always wear proper protection
  5. They have the fastest ‘lap’ times
  6. They know how to work their tools
  7. They love getting dirty
  8. They harder and faster they go the better
  9. They know how to work arround tight areas with ease
  10. They’re always practising so they can become better
  11. They like 2 strokes and 4 strokes
  12. They RIDE HARD
  13. They have good rhythm
  14. They always finish even if they are hurt

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