UNBOXING Brand New 2019 Yamaha YZ250 – The 2019 YZ250 from Yamaha represents the highest level of off-the-shelf performance found in a modern machine. Priced at $7,399, this Yamaha is a closed-course motorcycle designed for competition use on an MX track.

Although engineered to be totally competitive in stock form, the YZ250 is also the perfect platform to modify in order to meet your specific riding style, ability, and setup preferences.

A 249cc 2-stroke engine delivers power to the ground, while the inverted fork, fully adjustable shock and 227-pound overall weight work together to maximize the handling characteristics.

When you take into account Yamaha’s performance in recent Dirt Rider motocross shootouts-the ultimate yardstick for a modern MX bike-the blue machines appear to be the bikes to beat.

One of the few brands that is a player in both the two-stroke and four-stroke categories, Yamaha has earned a reputation for great durability, solid handling, and on-tap power that is reflected in the on-track performance of the 2019 YZ250, which will set you back $7,399.

If you’re searching for a 249cc motocross bike and don’t mind the color blue, this 2019 model should definitely be on your short list.

UNBOXING Brand New 2019 Yamaha 250 YZ from Stunt Freaks Team: