The CR500 has a reputation as being an animal, but when you are thinking straight and everything is together, it’s a lovely machine. But as soon as your mind wanders you tire and become a passenger, that’s when a 500cc two-stroke becomes a beast that will bite you.

This is a man’s machine. Although it requires less strength to ride than a stock-framed CR500, it still demands your attention. There is so much power on hand that you don’t ever use it to its fullest. We started in third gear, did straights in third and handled most corners in third. We saved fourth gear for scaring ourselves and second gear for exiting the track.

In motion, the sensation of power never went away. A small blip of the throttle resulted in a massive rush forward. Chopping the throttle would not always result in instant deceleration.

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All CR500’s are momentum machines, but the Dirt Dynamics version has one plus that no other Open bike has — it can maximize its velocity by hitting the same line lap after lap. It is the most accurate, precise and predictable Open bike we’ve ever ridden. The abundance of power couldn’t over-ride the alloy CR250 chassis — instead it pinned it to the ground and made it work. All that Delta-Box rigidity finally had something worthy to work with.

28-Year-Old Honda CR 500 Races Iconic Track vs Modern MX Bikes

Nev Bradshaw was looking for the ultimate buzz and decided to race a 1989 CR500 at the iconic Foxhills track for the last round of the British 2 stroke championship!