Who doesn’t have fond memories on a two-stroke? For many, those memories were formed on a Honda CR250. If you owned a Honda in the 1980s-1990s, you were living the life. Back in the early 1970’s Honda wanted to compete in the motocross industry, but were reluctant to introduce a two-stroke motorcycle.

Honda’s owner, Soichiro Honda, vastly preferred four-strokes. Back then four-strokes weren’t powerful enough, nor could they generate the engine rpm to compete with two-strokes. Near the beginning of the 1970’s, Honda gave in to the two-stroke craze and introduced the Honda Elsinore. The machine caught like wildfire. That singular bike is often attributed to the rise in the sport on US soil. It was a wildly popular motocross bike.

Custom Honda CR250 Scrambler

Ziggy Moto (Instagram @ziggymoto) has become well known throughout the custom motorcycle industry for their awesome concept renderings. This series of Custom Honda CR500 scrambler are truly works of art.


Cr250 Scrambler. Credit @Ziggymoto
Lucky Strike thoughts for the CR250.
Lucky Strike thoughts for the CR250. / @Ziggymoto
Photo Credit @Ziggymoto
CR250 Scrambler Black / @Ziggymoto
CR250 Scrambler Black / @Ziggymoto