Honda Australia has issued a recall of the 2018 Honda CRF250R due to issues with the clutch basket. On certain motorcycles, the clutch assembly may not have been manufactured to proper specification and could result in the assembly to overheat, and the outer clutch basket to break. This could cause a loss of motive power, and if the basket were to break, potentially cause metal fragments to jam internal drive gears and result in the rear wheel locking up.

Product Safety Australia released the following information:

Product description : 2018 Honda CRF250R- 250cc off-road competition motorcycle

Identifying features
VIN (Vehicle identification number)
VIN range: JH2ME12U3JK000001 to JH2ME12U3JK000810

What are the defects?
If the motorcycle is used continuously at high speed, the heat generated may cause the clutch basket to break.

What are the hazards?
If the clutch basket breaks, the broken pieces may become lodged between the gears in the transmission, causing it to lock up suddenly. This may cause the rear wheel to lock up and the motorcycle to lose stability. If the motorcycle loses stability, the rider may be thrown from the motorcycle, resulting in death or serious injury.

What should consumers do?
Consumers should contact their nearest Honda Motorcycle Dealer and arrange for their motorcycle to be taken to the dealer for repair.

Honda Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd (link is external)

Traders who sold this product
Authorised Honda Motorcycle Franchises

Where the product was sold: Nationally
Dates available for sale: 17 October 2017 – 22 June 2018

For help finding a Honda dealer, consumers can go to

If the clutch basket breaks, the broken pieces may become lodged between the gears