Dean Wilson Surprises One Lucky Kid With A Brand-New Husqvarna TC 50! Dean Wilson is a big guy with a big heart. He spent some time scoping out some mini racing to find just the right kid to surprise with a brand new Husqvarna TC 50. At first the kid just thinks he’s getting a new set of gear, but then Dean pulls out the bike and it’s awesome.

Wilson, who was inspired by Malcolm Stewart giving away a PW-50 recently, bought a brand-new Husqvarna TC 50, outfitted it with new graphics and his number 15, and decided to give it away to a kid.

After spending a few days at local tracks, Wilson found a kid he thought deserved the bike. He later went to his home and surprised him not only with a new bike, but a new set of gear.

Good on you Deano! The whole story – or promo shtick – or whatever the motivations were…. made me smile, and was a joy to watch. Fun to see Dean’s personality too. He definitely engaged the process. Deano seems to be a genuinely nice guy!